Above Reno was an internationally published aerial photography and videography as seen on CNBC, Fox News, Yahoo!, National Geographic, Discovery, Forbes Magazine, GQ Korea, WIRED and many more.

Started in the ‘early days’ of drone photography Above Reno quickly went from a weekend hobby to a household name in the Reno area. The work was continually shared across social media platforms, local news and shortly thereafter national and international TV, websites, documentaries as well as print.  Viewership in 171+ countries and tens of millions of unique viewers. This pushed me to attend flight school where I learned to fly Cessna aircraft with the late John Brown, an amazing pilot and man whom I feel honored to have shared time in the cockpit with. With the issuance of an FAA 333 Exemption and eventual blanket COA Above Reno is licensed to conduct commercial aerial photography throughout the United States and within the 5 mile radius of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

That said aerial photography was intended to be a hobby of mine and has since been put on the back burner in favor of other business ventures. I still do enjoy the occasional recreational flight but have turned down countless media requests from across the country and currently do not have any future plans to return to commercial aerial photography as it has become a flooded market with far too much “red tape”.  Be careful whom you hire, essentially anyone with a drone considers themselves a business these days.

The work from Above Reno is Copyrighted under U.S. Law.  If you’d like to use an image from Above Reno it is far cheaper to contact me than to have me find it stolen.  Below is a small sample of my work.