How to eliminate discounting items that are already on sale in Shopify. Shopify does NOT have a built in way to eliminate items that are ‘on sale’ from having discounts (coupon codes) be applied to them.  I shared the video with Shopify support and in the interim they’ll be using it as a workaround for anyone else that has a similar issue.  I imagine they will be able to implement a much easier solution involving a checkbox in each discount code:

Once you’ve completed the steps outlined in the video remember the following (assuming you used the same tags/category labels as I outlined, if not, use the ones you created):

When creating discounts, make sure they only apply to one collection, that collection is ‘Not on sale’. This will grab ALL items that have the tag ‘normal’. Again this will allow the item to be discounted.

If you DO NOT want an item to be discounted, simply remove the tag ‘normal’ from it. You’ll typically do this for items you mark down in price, but it can be used in many ways.

Again, items WITH the tag ‘normal’ CAN be discounted by coupon codes. Items WITHOUT the tag ‘normal’ CAN NOT be discounted by coupon codes.

Hopefully the folks at Shopify will add the ability to exclude items based on being in a collection, then you’d simply add items that are on sale to that collection and they would not be affected by coupon codes. They should also all you to exclude items by tags, prices, compare at price, weight and more. If this video helped you please like or comment, or feel free to ask any questions!