August 14, 2017 Yesterday we took our dogs downtown to visit some of our favorite spots for a beer on a Sunday, we met friends at Sierra Tap House and noticed new “No Dogs Allowed” signs everywhere, we were very surprised as they have always been very dog friendly. We then called Ole Bridge Pub and Brewers Cabinet and were informed they too no longer allowed dogs because the Washoe County Health District did a ‘sweep’ of all of the bars downtown roughly 2 weeks ago. Essentially stating that no dogs were allowed at any of the bars (keep in mind neither of these, nor most involved serve food of any kind and this includes their outdoor seating/patios) unless they purchase a permit. Now I can’t independently confirm the exact details or cost of this permit but what I can say is this: This is an absolutely ridiculous and clear overstepping of a government agency. There is no reason any of these local establishments should be forced to pay a new fee. What good does this permit serve? What difference would it make? Are they now held to a different standard? We ended up at The Eddy whom was as dog friendly as could be (just as the others used to be). Funny enough they were the ONLY location that served food, albeit via a food truck.

I feel it is an absolute shame to make our local businesses and economy suffer over a made up permit regarding dogs in bars. Reno has always been a dog friendly city, why in the world would you force businesses that happily accepts our 4 legged family members to lose our business over your new permitting system? I can tell you hands down this will cost them countless thousands of dollars annually, and for what benefit?

This story created quite the controversy being shared 235 times from my personal Facebook page and was then covered by the Reno Gazette Journal, KTVN, KRNV & KRXI