We do everything we can to travel and experience new places as often as our schedule allows.  Brittany works two jobs and is working on her second degree and I’m constantly dreaming up new business ideas as well as servicing my existing clients (more about what I do here) yet we still find the time to travel quite often even when she’s getting arrested for crazy drug charges.  Eventually we’d love to see the entire United States and much of the world, but that’s easier said than done.  We do our very best to include our two children Frank (the mutt) and Boadie (the coonhound).  They come with us anytime we hit the road and enjoy every second of it.  We tend to travel in our 5th wheel that’s become our home away from home yet every once in a while we randomly fly to Las Vegas overnight for a hockey game without them.  I keep tabs on where we’ve been and the routes we’ve taken with a cool interactive map below, check back for updates and details on each destination!